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1. General Introduce


Chemical formula: CaF2 (Fluoride Calcareous spar).

- Florua is mineralogy belong to group Halozenua; It be very fusible mineralogy to become them often serve as flux in blast-furnace;.

- Chorma is manifold: colorlessness, milkiness, hoar, blue green felt, violet;.

- Crystalloid: cube, at times had is octahedral; often pull together to become ractification characteristic granulosity or block very closely     


 2. Chemical Analysis


           CaF2               :           70.00%up

SiO2                :           3.00%max

           CaCO3            :           2.00%max


         Particle Distribution

           PASSING 200 MESH           :           99%





- Handling makes additive in metallurgy, comestics, chemistry production and cement;

- Used in production of hydrofluoric acid, making enamel in ceramic.

- Florua transparent macrocrystalline serve as optical instrument.


·     Xử lý làm chất phụ gia trong sản xuất luyện kim, hóa mỹ phẩm và xi măng

·   Sử dụng trong sản xuất axit Flo Hydric, làm men trong gốm sứ

·   Tinh thể Flo trong suốt được sử dụng như một dụng cụ quang học



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