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One of the few constants in this world, for over 500 years, is the quality of workmanship, design, and color of Bat Trang  pottery. Located near Hanoi, the local village sits on the Red River and still produces works of a unique style with special characteristics.

It is a harmonious blending of modeling, sculpture, design, graphics, and color.    A labor intensive process begins with design, modeling, carving, decoration, enamel coloring, and firing.  The long history of Bat Trang pottery includes centuries of research into forms, models, decoration, and enamel, both coloration and finish.

Principal among these are crackle glaze and fine glaze, with colors led by celadon greens, magenta reds and browns, and cobalt blues.

Combining modeling, sculpture, form and design, colored enamels create graceful, timeless motifs.  Creative passion can be seen and felt in each piece.

The long French occupation from the 1850s to 1954 nearly destroyed this finest of art forms. Throughout the period of French domination of Vietnam, they restricted general crafts production in both direct and indirect ways. Following the 1954 Geneva Convention, Bat Trang pottery production resumed, mostly by state-run cooperatives and small, private enterprises.


Breakthroughs occurred from this time in which modern, creative ideas blended with traditional forms.  This encouraged and enabled new shapes and colors to grow from the best of the inheritance from the centuries of craftsmanship before.

In the first ten years following the modernization of Vietnam's economic fabric (beginning in 1986), production of Bat Trang products began to travel to distant markets, first in Southeast Asia, then to Japan and Korea, and more recently to Europe and America.

Cotto Tiles are produced by modern and fully - automatic production line of which technology has been handed over by Sacmi Italy Corporation. Thanks to abundant source of Gieng Day clay – known as the best clay in Viet Nam, qualified and skillful workers, time-saving and optimal firing techniques, Cotto tiles are varied in colors and sizes. Color varies from natural Light red to dark red, cappuchino, chocolate or smoke. Sizes vary from small-sizes 60x240, 200x200, 300x300, 400x400, 500x500 to the current large sizes such as 300x2000, 400x2000, etc. Being supervised continuously through stringent and precise processes of the product experiment department, Cotto products always satisfy the accuracy regarding aspects of geometry, surface smoothness and colors . All the physical and chemical figures meet strict requirements of inner and outer decoration of every construction work. That is the reason why today many construction works choose Cotto Tiles as the main decoration products. With the creativeness, high inquiry and assidousness of the factory technology department, Cotto is known not only for its clay-baked bricks with natural smooth surface but also the colored ceramic-coated products made by the automatic line with many artificial ceramic colors or wood-vein patterns. These are brandnew and unique features of Cotto products that no other brick factories can possess in Viet Nam.


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