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Bamboo and Rattan

Vietnam is extraordinarily rich in handicrafts. Most famous Vietnam handicrafts ofcourse are bamboo wares, lacquer wares, ceramics which are hight quality and cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Aside from that, there is a wide array of horn & silver and many more products.

Bamboo Products

Serving Tray

Baskets & Boxes

Bamboo Mats

Rattan Wares

White Rattan Baskets

Storage Box

Basket & Tabletop

Fern Wares

Fern Wares

Furnitrure Products

Rattan furnitrure


Rolling Bamboo


Rolling Bamboo

Pressing Bamboo

Ceramic & Rolling Bamboo


Handbag Products


Bamboo with Embroidery

Horn & Shell Bags

Embroidery Handbags

Handicraft, Handmade
Wood Products
Transportations and Logistics
Ship Broker
Maritime Technology
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